Status from the testsite.
The snow is melting away and we have some first proof that a LED-Mark-protection, with Gevekos product Pre-Mark, stops the snow plough from damage the LED-Marks. Looking forward to the “after snow evaluation” in April.

Co operational Pre-study.
During Q2 2010 the iRoad-group will cooperate in a pre-study financed and arranged by TSS and SAFER. The study called PreEval aims to define how to evaluate applications for intelligent roadmarks.

iRoad on swedish television. Interview with Jens, Wolfgang, and Arne in SVT's Rapport. The clip starts five minutes in. See it on SVT Play..

Interview Wolfgang Birk Sveriges Radio More info...

iRoad project participates at the ITS World Congress 2009 with scientific presentations and demonstration of new ITS functionality based on road surface data.

iRoad project demonstration at Tylösand conference.

Broadcasting of measurement data road-surface to internet established.

E4 at Rosvik equipped with new intelligent 2009 LED-GUIDEs.

First winter test is concluded. More info...

Concertation meeting in Copenhagen for FP7 proposal.

Lab-tests with communication of intelligent road markings started.

E4 between Luleå and Piteå equipped with LED-Marks.

iRoad website goes online.