Winter tests 2008-2009 E4 Rosvik concluded

In a first test of existing technologies for intelligent road markings, a road strip on the E4 in Northern Sweden close to Rosvik, has been equipped with 200 road marking units. These units were equipped with different LEDs that lid up during darkness and a temperature guard that resulting in a slowly flashing LED when the road surface temperature dropped below +2 degrees Celsius.

For testing and evaluation purposes the units were equipped with different battery types, the placement on the surface was varied and different types of glue to attach the units were used.

After the first winter and visual inspection of the units it can be concluded that approximately 40 units survived the harsh winter conditions and the mechanical wear from snow plowing. The units that survived the test had a certain placement on the road surface and were more protected against mechanical wear. The low temperatures as well as snow, ice and water did not have a direct effect on the units. Due to the low solar input to the panels, most units ran out of energy when being covered by snow and went into hibernation. These were recovering well and starting to operate again when the solar input increased and the batteries were recharged.

It can be concluded that the winter test was a success and provided the research group with valuable input for the further development and research challenges that have to be addressed. For the next winter, the results on placement of the units will be used to improve the survival rate of the units. As for the technology content of the units, other battery types will be considered and different applications on a needs-basis will be addressed on the test sites.

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